Healing Organizers


Emergent Strategist Astrologer

Tarot Card Reader

Imani H


Based in D.C. I believe that we can utilize divination tools such as astrology to unravel and unlearn the effects of oppressive paradigms, free ourselves from the expectations of these systems and align with what we truly need. I believe that the individual work we do on our ourselves, is what will ultimately change the world


To reach out to me email me at or DM on IG or Twitter @youwomanyou.



Je'kendria Trahan

(She, Her, hers)


I am a facilitator within the Movement for Black Lives - specializing in trauma-informed leadership development, healing and transformative justice, and cultural organizing. I am founder of The Conjure Creative House, which serves as a platform for my conjure products (Florida waters, conjure oils, and spiritual baths); tarot readings, and events that are tailored to healing, arts, and liberation for Black queer/trans people. 

Website is coming soon!

For now for events/workshops and @theconjurecreative on IG for spiritual products and readings. 

Water Lily

Trauma Informed Care Practitioner

Jenica Wright

(She, Her, Hers)


I'm a trauma informed care practitioner providing workshops on trauma informed care, self-care planning and collective care action plans for activists and helping professionals and organizations. I also provide energy healing services in my practice for individuals using a modality called Healing Touch and can provide workshops on how to use energy healing tools for self-care. 

Email me: Schedule appointments directly at:

Herbal Medicine

Restorative Justice Facilitator

Roman Haford

(He, Him, His) 

I am a restorative justice facilitator (mediator) and trainer, as well as organizer in various local arts, activism and healing spaces and events.  I also work with plant medicine and assist with organizing medicine work and ceremony.