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A. When we receive a referral for a specific therapeutic/healing service, we reach out to our network and ask who is currently accepting new clients. Once we confirm that you accept new clients, we will pair you with one of the community members in our network

Q. Soooo how does the Healers For Liberation Network work?

Q. How is the H4LN different than the Directory? 

A. H4LN or Healers For Liberation Network is a network of POC healers who agree to a common unity of how we do the work.  Click below to see our Common Unity


We also provide services to community members in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Our goal is to find the more affordable, accessible way for these services to reach the client. This network is a healing community that has monthly meet and greets, daily connections through social media, share job opportunities and resources, and sometimes offers  discounted workshops, classes and events.  


The Directory is open to all POC community. You do not need to be a member to join the directory. You can simply be a POC provider looking for a socially conscious, activist centered healing service to use for sharing your practice. Most important to remember is that folks listed on the directory also have different agreements than H4LN which means they are not offering discounted services. There may also be H4LN members who are not listed on the directory due to their personal preference but they still offer time and service to our network.  

Q. Well I can only provide 1-2 free sessions  per person, is that okay? 

A. Sure! 

The goal is to provide affordability and accessibility to the work. Each person within our network will be asked to share their preference for what they offer and will also be able to set agreements for how many sessions they can offer for free. Our fundraising team is always working to provide us with more financial support so that you can be compensated while still being accessible to folks. 

We are a donation based organization so unfortunately all of our operations are based on how much get donated to us annually.  

Yes! I want to join the network. How do I get started? 

1. You can contact us via email at healersforliberationnetwork@gmail.com

2. Connect with us in our Facebook page

3. Come through to one of our monthly Meet And Greets 

(Usually posted on our main page or Events page) 

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