Erika Totten

Spiritual Life Coach


I support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in breaking the mental, emotional, and spiritual chains of self-limiting beliefs and internalized oppression, and living a life where personal liberation is embodied and practiced at every moment.

Forest Trees

Vega and Mala

Leadership Coaching

We work with emerging and seasoned leaders. Vega is a leadership coach and together, Vega and Mala run workshops on Intentional Life Planning (individuals, partners, organizations), designed to offer participants space to build clarity, purpose, and a path.

Color Stain

Bianca Campbell

Spektra Wellness Coach for activists

(They, She) 

To avoid and recover from burn out as activists, we must learn to set compassionate boundaries and sustainable pacing in our movement work. I support activists exploring self-worth, grappling impostor syndrome, asserting their needs to upper management, switch organizations or roles to be in alignment with values, manage large projects and more. Together, we manifest the respect they deserve in movement spaces.

IG: @spektrawellness*  


Peaceful Candle and Flowers

Queshia B.

Intuitive Life Coach 


Purpose Driven Coaching

(She, her, hers)

I serve as a mirror to support you in identifying self-limiting beliefs, focusing on what your soul's purpose is in this reincarnation, and transmuting any blocks to allow for free flowing energy. You will set the destination, and we'll move towards it at the pace you feel best, with the overall goal of a deeper love for "self" and understanding of the interconnectivity of all things. Tuning forks can be utilized in a session, upon request. 


Zen Stones

Itzbeth Menjivar

Bridge Builder / Coach

(She, her, hers) 

I equip leadership teams and individuals with the tools to advance racial equity through relationship building.  I also coach executives and entrepreneurs to find their inner power and achieve self-defined success.


H Alejaibra Badu

Master Life Coach 

Energy Healer 

Reiki Practitioner

(He, Him, They)  

Founder/CEO of The Madison House

 A international spiritual health and wellness movement that stands to heal people from things that bind them mentally and emotionally

IG: @themadisonhouse