H4LN are engaging in monthly conversations around healing based communities. In these conversations we talk about the difference between trauma informed care versus healing based communities and what best fits our mission.
How we want to initiate healing work in the community, focusing on areas the work that we have implemented that we feel need to be strengthened and focusing on areas of the healing work that needs to have closure.

We want to share a special thank you to all in community and within the network who have been attending The Conversation.

You played a major role in how we are moving forward and with the exploration of what a healing community means to us in Washington, D.C.

We believe in a common unity within the H4LN. In our common unity, we believe in:
- Collective and Personal Accountability
- Reciprocal Exchange of Energy fuels selflessness
- Consciously Doing and Applying emotional intelligence
- Consciously Teaching and Guiding
- Healing Justice mindset of intersectionality and liberation
- New World African/Indigenous approach to healing
- Spiritual Emancipation
- Cultural Competency