The Healers For Liberation Network is a collective of POC healers, therapists, clinicians, social workers, shamans, life coaches, creative arts therapists, elders and more providing radical and transformative services for the DC community.

Our Mission is to center healing based communities and divests against systemic oppression, capitalist corporations and services created through white supremacy models of healthcare.



Queenlin is a Creative Arts Therapist, Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor and holistic health practitioner working for over 8 years in hospitals, non-profits, mental health centers and community based programming. She is  strong advocate for accessible mental/emotional health services to BIPOC communities along with being a community organizer with the Movement For Black Lives. 


Queenlin continues to hold space for folks nationwide through MovU, LLC. She centers her work in mind-body healing practices along with one to one sessions on finding personal growth and motivation to live life as your best self.  For more information about her, please visit her website at www.letlifemovu.org



Local organizers began to receive an abundance of calls and requests for resources in healing, therapy and counseling, specifically for those who were experiencing trauma in relation to police brutality (experiencing/witnessing) and grief/loss in the black dc community.

In response to these requests, Black Lives Matter DC Healing House collaborated with local therapists to develop a healing network that can provide better access and choices of health and wellness in the Washington D.C. community.

The Healers For Liberation Network makes room for the role of the healer, for the practice of community care and in the fire burning within activism to get free. We strive to uphold our values in mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, ancestral and intergenerational healing through development of healing communities, everyday ritual practice of self-care and learning effective ways to face our internal trauma and external trauma in Black, POC and indigenous communities.